What are Sit & Go poker tournaments?



Poker is not just a simple card game. For many, it’s a job and an extra income at the end of the month. And anyone can do it. So come visit the Bodog website and learn how to play poker online.

If you are a beginner, Sit & Go poker tournaments are a good option. 

Sit & Go, single-table tournaments

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The main characteristic of Sit & Go (also known by the acronym SNG) poker tournaments is that they are quick, single-table tournaments (STT). There is no limit on the number of participants. The criteria is set by the platform. However, the most common are Sit & Go 6-Max (with a maximum of six players) and Sit & Go 9-Max (with nine players).

Sit & Go tournaments only start when the maximum number of players is reached. Unlike multi-tabling tournaments (MTT), you are not allowed to register after the game has started.

In addition, there are Sit & Go styles with different lengths (Sit & Go Turbo and Superturbo: very short tournaments that generally last less than an hour) and formats (bounty, knockout, double or nothing, etc.).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Sit & Go tournaments?

Check out the main advantages and disadvantages of playing Sit & Go tournaments so you can decide whether or not to play.


  • For beginners, these tournaments are a great way to train and earn extra money;
  • They tend to have very affordable buy-ins;
  • Because they are short term competitions, you can play at any time of the day and as often as you like.


  • The payouts of Sit & Go tournaments are much lower compared to MTTs;
  • At a table, there may be many inexperienced players, resulting in a low technical level of play.

Tips for playing Sit & Go

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Below are some tips for winning in Sit & Go poker tournaments.

Control chip counts

Controlling your chip stack is key to playing many hands. Try to leave as many hands on the table as possible, but in order to do so, you need to control your chips.

Play different styles of Sit & Go

As we said, there are different styles of Sit & Go. Play them all until you find the one that suits your experience level.

Try to be more aggressive

Sit & Go tournaments are very fast paced and therefore a great opportunity to try a more aggressive strategy to intimidate your opponents.

You can play Sit & Go poker tournaments as often as you like, as every hour a new table opens up for you to join. What’s more, the site has a section entirely dedicated to poker tournaments. After registering for free, all you have to do is choose the tournament you want to play. It’s that simple!

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