Most casinos have 70% of their game selection dedicated to slot machines. A slot machine is a computerized device that creates games for people to play.

Slot machines don’t require any strategy like Poker and Blackjack, and anyone can place a bet without having any skills. But you can do a few things to alter the result in your favor in some way.

Online casinos such as IviBet Casino have seen traditional slot machines replaced by digital ones. The idea proved to be a success. There are more online casinos nowadays, and gamblers prefer to play on these sites.

Some stats say slot games are responsible for 60% of the revenue generated from online casinos. Slot games are easy to play and don’t require any knowledge. 

Newbies often lose money to machines because they depend wholly on luck.

This leads to the question; how does one win on slot machines? Are there systems for beating the machines? Are there people who have done that in the past?

Indeed, slots are dependent on luck. Unfortunately, there are no calculation strategies like Poker and Blackjack where you can double your hand, request a card, and influence the outcome of a game.

Slot machines

However, it would help if you had ideas that could influence this machine to give better game outcomes. But you have to be careful. Over time, fraudsters have been arrested, caught, and even prosecuted.

We are simply talking about playing rightly to get the most out of the games. However, it’s still worth noting that luck will still play a significant factor in the result. 

Before you select a slot game, do a little research to know the payout percentage on the available machines. The payout percentage is the amount returned to the player after placing bets. The payout Percentage of games can range from 80% to 98%. For example, if a machine has a payout percentage of 85%, it means the machine can pay out 85% of the deposit. Some online casinos often list their slot games and payout percentages. Also, casino sites explore payout percentages of slot machines at different casinos online. 

The average player might not have access to this information. Access to this data will help you choose the right games to play and choosing games with a higher payout percentage will help your chances of winning. 

If you place a $5 bet on three-coin dollar slots with a payout percentage of 95%, your losses will be more than staking 40 cents on a 40-line 1-cent machine with a payout percentage of 86%.



It is usual to find many slot machines in a traditional casino. A slot machine is a mechanical device where you spin the wheels by pulling the handles. When the handle is pulled, an alignment of symbols is displayed on the wheels. The alignment of characters determines the size of the payoff.

Traditional slots however have been replaced by Online machines that use a more advanced play features.

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