Symptoms of gambling addiction


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It is therefore advisable to review what symptoms, both financial and personal, are usually shown in the initial stage of gambling addiction.

In this case, we would be talking about a series of behaviours that separately do not represent a worrying fact, but that together should put the affected person or their environment on alert.

Let us look at the most significant symptoms of gambling addiction:

  • Gambling all the money you have on you.
  • In a losing streak, increase the amount bet in an attempt to win back what has been lost.
  • Needing outside help to cope with losses.
  • Paying for losses with one’s own or other people’s assets.
  • Engage in illicit activities to finance gambling.
  • Gamble alone and always end up investing more than originally intended.
  • Boasting of always making large winnings and minimal losses.
  • Your reputation, your emotional relationships and relationships with those around you are damaged.
  • Absolute denial of the problem.
  • Sleep, emotional and work-related problems.
  • High levels of anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Suicidal thoughts.
  • Thus, if several of these symptoms are detected, it will be necessary to contact a professional to provide appropriate care.

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Tips for responsible gambling


Prevention is always better than cure, therefore, it is highly recommended that we try to follow a series of tips that will help us to gamble responsibly, and thus avoid any symptoms of possible addiction.

Gambling for fun. The main problem of an addict is that he/she starts in the world of gambling focusing on it as a source of income with which he/she can become rich, which generates unrealistic expectations that are the beginning of the addictive behaviour.

Gamble what you can afford. Another major problem of gambling addiction is the indebtedness resulting from large losses. Therefore, the best way to avoid such a situation is to gamble only as much as we can afford to without our finances suffering. In this way, even if we lose everything, our life will not be affected.


Gamble with limits on stakes and time. It is not only necessary to establish in advance the maximum value of the bets that we can place, but also the time per day, week or month that we dedicate to betting. In this case, we should treat it as a hobby whose free time we share with others.

Gamble with good humour. As gambling is not a job or an obligation, but a hobby that we do for fun, we should always try to do it in a good mood, so that any losses that may occur are not met with stress, anxiety or depression.

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